The concept

Oxford Gardens is a statement of good taste and a symbol of financial well-being, for those who want to redefine their own image by association with the English tradition, excellence and sophistication all incorporated into a luxury brand Oxford Gardens a solution luxurious and comfortable housing for the families of the businessmen successful residents who seek the benefits of urban, without give up comfort offered by the pool, garden, the playground for children, exclusive services.

The essence of luxury is concentrated in private services and products, exclusive, whose value is measured by the quality and innovation.

By benefits its residents and the "product users" - people with above average financial power and high social status who seek luxury, Oxford Gardens are positions that authority on the luxury real estate. Luxury residential represents a mark of belonging to an upper class.

The concept

The Compound

Oxford Gardens is a gated community complex, harbouring 204 luxurious villas with a total of 96,400 sqm built up area.

The houses are nicely displayed around the parks of the compound; each property is developed on a private plot of land of 400 up to 1300sqm, with large gardens and terraces and, some of them, with swimming pool.

Oxford Gardens is being built on a generous land area, allowing for large streets and side ways, bicycle routs and generous parking spaces with a health club & spa, “The Entertainment Park” for kids as well as large, beautiful gardens.

We combined the space, the light, the colours and the fragrances to generate the perfect living environment.